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Dec 9, 2020 · 4 min read

In this day and age, getting a job may not be an easy feat. There is sadly a lot of unemployment right now because of lockdowns and coronavirus. A point of light is that a few sectors have managed to thrive in this current climate. While the pandemic has proven some challenges within the industry, we have managed to adapt well. At Skalar we have seen growth, and already several additions of new faces to our tribe. But we are still growing and need more brain power. We thought we could show you what our hiring process is like. Here are the six steps to become a part of our tribe.

Number one, your application.

We expect that this step is no surprise. We need to know that you exist and want to join the Skalar team. We read through every letter, CV and diploma vigorously. There are a lot of ways to show qualifications. Some have gone to the best universities in the world, others have worked hard and taught themselves the tricks of the trade. We don’t discriminate, and look at the whole not just parts before we decide whether we want to have a chat or not. Before the pandemic began, we used to invite people to our offices for a chat, a stroll and a cup of something hot. Now we meet online, the important part is that we get to know each other because after all, joining someone’s tribe is a two way street.

Number two, the chat.

We have an informal talk with you, hear what you think, and give you a feel of what you can expect out of the workplace and colleagues. We want to get to know the people who want to work here. Life is more than a resume and we know that being in a place where you can be yourself, is important. That’s why we love new additions to the team who add to, and challenge the existing way of solving problems. If the chat is a success, we may have an additional chat, just to make sure that we want to take this journey together.

Number three, the test.

This is a test of wit, brains and endurance and very much it depends on the job you applied for. If it’s in design we might give you a case to solve or another challenge like a UX problem, or a mix of both. If you’re a programmer, it will be problem-solving in a code session. If you are a mere mortal like us in the business side of things, you have to do jumping jacks or a business case. This can often be done in co-creation with either a business developer, designer or programmer. So you get some insight to how we work here at Skalar, which is very much together.

Number four, the clarification.

If any of the parties are uncertain of anything, we’ll talk about it. We like to discuss what you as a candidate may wonder about, it is never stupid to ask questions — or be curious about anything. Then we might delve deeper into the specifics of the given role you applied to — so we are on the same page. We might talk about how you want to grow, and the goals you have for yourself.

Number five, the Yes -Yes

It takes two to tango, and we want you to want to work here. If you don’t feel the tango during this chat, it won’t work in the long run, and we think long-term. So if we feel it’s a good fit, and you’ve got a good impression of Skalar. Then we work towards the Yes-Yes. There will be a moment when both parties say ‘yes’. And maybe even at the same time while looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

Number six, terms and conditions.

We always seek to have the best possible terms for you. This is not just about money, this is also about insurances, days off — equipment and the possibility to take courses and other benefits. We know that happiness and safety is paramount. That’s why we have our mantra, start-up mindset with corporate benefits. That’s the Skalar way.

It’s certainly a process to hire, and we know that. And we want the best talent to come work here with us at Skalar. That’s why we have made this process easy, inclusive and open for everyone who applies.We love to talk to new people, no matter if we are actively looking for a role to fill. You can always contact us with a letter and resume, or an idea — and we will listen.

There’s no time like the present, so let’s get moving by checking out our current open positions or simply send us a general application and we’ll be in touch.


We create digital products that make you think — hey, that’s smart.


Skalar is a smart digital product company. We believe in synergy of business, design and technology. And we do this by creating solutions, services and business models that make a difference. Smart processes and smart results — that’s the Skalar way.


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Smart digital products, the skalar way. | www.skalar.no.


Skalar is a smart digital product company. We believe in synergy of business, design and technology. And we do this by creating solutions, services and business models that make a difference. Smart processes and smart results — that’s the Skalar way.

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