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Seven reasons why we love a flat working structure at skalar.

We love to keep it flat, because flat structures are an elemental part of our culture and our way of doing things. We really like to get to know and learn from each other. Together we grow. Through creating a safe and inclusive work environment, we create the vital trust a company needs to build great teams and products.

1. In skalar we create together.

We love the process of working with the team and thinking of ideas. We work at the intersection of business, design and technology and work in teams made up of smart and highly competent individuals from each area. These teams make up the spine of skalar, where each member has a say. This is really important to us, because this is where the magic happens.. And when we get different perspectives it creates a foundation for idea growth within everything from product direction, business models and value creation .. With great ideas we create great digital products.

2. We see each other.

When you work together over time, you get to know the people you’re in the trenches with, and you get to know them well. You see their habits, their quirks, and what makes them human. We accept that some like to go to bed early and meditate in the morning, and others stay up late to watch something interesting on YouTube — we each do our thing. But we rely on each other and help each other where we can.

3. We solve challenges together.

Who doesn’t love a challenge? We like to step up to the challenges that come our way, they are always fun. Because of the way we work, we can easily adapt and face challenges quickly by pivoting or making necessary changes. We are not afraid to let each other know if something is off and through trust and cooperation, we see what a pair of eyes cannot, and we solve challenges that one mind cannot.

4. Start-up mentality, but without the craziness.

What is so great about a start-up? Anyone who ever has started something knows that the team is everything. At skalar we know that. That’s why the product team has a lot of autonomy. But the startup mentality is not just that, it is camaraderie and togetherness. We as a group are doing this together, working as a finely tuned watch — each gear doing its part. And we like to do this lean, and measure the results against our goals, adjust when necessary, and celebrate small and big achievements in the teams together with our partners.

5. Corporate benefits, so you can remain zen.

What is the reason not to work in a big corporation? It so you get to decide your day — work your way. You get to have a close relationship with your colleagues and leaders, and you enjoy some freedoms that the corporate world can’t provide because of chain of command and other types of bureaucracy . We have those freedoms, but still there are some advantages as well. Safe salaries, paid time off, people respecting your personal space and the opportunity to take courses and educate on the job. At skalar we enjoy both — we call it, startup mentality, corporate benefits.

6. We say this is a place to grow.

An important factor in every workday is that we all have the opportunity to grow. When you can speak with all your colleagues about anything and everything — there is much to learn. There is in some cases so much to learn that you need to space out a bit. The people at skalar are enthusiastic about their interests and love to talk about them. From hammocks to the intricacies of Douglas Adams writing — there is always something to quench the thirst of a curious mind.

7. Leadership is something which we all exercise.

Whether you work on leading yourself or your team, we all have to exercise some leadership once in a while. At skalar there are both generalists and specialists, and we like to listen to the opinions of both. We know that different minds appreciate different aspects of the human experience, and that also is the case at work. Freedom is a great privilege, which we take seriously, and it works because it makes us accountable and responsible to the team and our ability to lead ourselves.

Flat structure can mean so much. Some companies use it as a hook, or to talk about the fact that they have some measures to make you feel as if you don’t have to be like everybody else. We are not like that. At skalar we are different and diverse, but our true colours come forth when we see the diversity of opinion and action. We like to see the challenges from different angles, and solve them together playing to our unique strengths. And that works quite well with equality and a flat structure.



Skalar is a smart digital product company. We believe in synergy of business, design and technology. And we do this by creating solutions, services and business models that make a difference. Smart processes and smart results — that’s the Skalar way.

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