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Have you ever dreamt of starting your own company? Do you have an idea that will rock the foundation of the world, or change the way we do things? Do you want to change the way we think?

There is a lot of talk about the world of start-ups and it is definitely hot at the moment. You can’t hide the fact that the companies of the future will be started today. Or the fact that the lifespan of any company has drastically changed over the last few decades. Now we have “series” entrepreneurs who create and scale ideas, and we have companies that help them make it happen; Skalar is such a company.

Creating value and delivering is key to survival.

We co-create and build our own start-ups, where there is no specific formula but we have learned a trick or two during the years. If you want to make it as a start-up you need to quickly define who your clients are, and what they need. We always keep in mind that we create value for our users. That's the reason to make a product, it is to solve some need that is either poorly addressed or not addressed at all. Keeping our hand on the pulse at all times keeps us up to date with the needs of the market and ready to pivot if the need arises. A start-up is a fast ride in a quick machine so one needs to be cool and keep track over the constantly changing landscape around. The classic Zero to One by Peter Theil is a classic book covering this topic in length and a recommended read.

The right person for the job, is the right person, regardless of background.

The team, the team, the team. Any startup is the sum of its parts, and also its weakest link. So the team is more important than the product, finances and brand. In the end it is the team that makes all run, and creates all the value of the company. A startup team works quick, smart and hard, but it takes its toll. The bond the team gets is quite unique. When hiring to a startup one does not look for the same skills as one would do if it was for a corporation. The founder (or founders) will look to complement their skills, and if they are smart they will look for those who do that in a novel and independent way. The team is also the first thing an investor will look at. They know that when they invest, it is not in the idea, but in the people executing on that idea. At Skalar we take the team seriously, almost above all else - both in our ventures, and in our co-creation and scaling of products with established companies.

Using innovative technologies is the fastest way forward.

Why walk when you can run, why run when you can drive, why drive when you can use a rocket ship? The list goes on, but the advice is important. As discussed in our article on technology, we said that the ability to use and adapt quickly to new technologies is vital for scaling any idea or company. We also talked about our technologists and their ability to sift through what is hype and what is here to stay. In a start-up, time is always against you, money is short and the market is unpredictable and unforgiving - so finding any advantage you can is smart.

Developing only the features you really need

A cup holder is always nice in a car, but imagine if they began designing the car around it. It sounds stupid, and it is. The primary function of any car is to get you from A to B, any other feature is a luxury which you define according to your needs. In a start-up one can ill afford those luxuries, we focus on the key features which take you from A to B in that user journey. Imagine Snapchat as it is today compared to how it was at launch, two different apps almost. When they began, they had one key function: sharing pictures that went away. An easy idea to understand and use. Now they are more of an AR-app which allows you to explore how you would look like if you were old or the different sex. You would take time to actually deduct that the key feature of the product is to send pictures that go away after ten seconds. Taking your idea seriously and focusing on only that is perhaps difficult in a world with billions of distractions, but think that you don't want to add to that - you want to make life better and easier for people. .

A scale in scaling

As in music you start with nothing and then gather your elements together to make sound. When arranged you start to hear music and after a while a beautiful melody. We work to make products that make life better for people, and help start-ups that do the same. It is not out of the kindness of our hearts, but because it's good business. In our current technological landscape we will get a ton of people wanting to start companies making digital products. Our task is to help those we believe in. And, that just might be you.



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