Working from Home the skalar way

Oct 13, 2020 · 4 min read
Working from home the skalar way

With the situation being as it is now, a lot of people still have to work from home. Some are at day 150 of working from home, others have been combining both work at home or wherever.

We at skalar have both been working at home — and at the office, and some of our employees have come up with seven tips of the skalar way of working at home.

  1. Get up at the same time.

We are a bunch that likes its routines, and we strongly recommend that you stick to yours. You might be tempted to sleep in or use your chatbot to reply in slack. But that’s no fun, life isn’t to be skipped but enjoyed — each moment is valuable. So spend your time right doing what creates value for you and your co-workers. Don’t lounge around, unless that’s your work description. Set an alarm for when to go to bed, and when to get up. If you do this for a period, you will get tired at the right time and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day at home.

2. Set boundaries.

You know that co-worker that wants to know whether you should reassess the entire quarterly strategy at two in the morning, he will go crazy now. He thinks he has the mandate to suddenly call at any hour when the formal work hours have been stretched following the pandemic. If he calls, say NO. He has no power here! You may design a response, f.ex a machine that answers the phone and repeatedly says yes and mhm. Set boundaries for when you work and don’t, you’re still entitled to a private life.

3. Put some clothes on…

You don’t need to shine your shoes or press your trousers, but as they say in America “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”. Get dressed, put on your favourite frock, hoodie or cape and meet the day with vigour and enthusiasm!

4. Got air?

In quarantine? Stay at home! If not, go out and about. That magnificent mind of yours needs fuel, and fuel is more than lentils and quinoa. Air is the source of all life, including yours — so get some vital life source coupled with some activity — you don’t want to fall apart during all this. A couple of jumping jacks, a light marathon and a few toughest challenges and you will feel like the salary you make!

5. Equipment up to date and in order.

Don’t be the colleague who always says “what” all the time during the google hangout, or the one that uses half the meeting adjusting your camera. Definitely don’t be the colleague who uses face filters or voice changers — just don’t. Keep your house in order. Have a good chair, a clean desk and all the tech you need to make every virtual meeting feel as a real one. Your teammates will love it, and you will be sure to win the wine-lottery!

6. Minimise distractions.

If you’re used to work on a unix distro, setup and configure WLS2 on your home computer/battle station that way you don’t have to invest in 10 adapters and do cable management each time you want to use your screen(s) on the mac or personal computer.If you use your personal windows computer, utilise virtual desktops to segregate work and personal use. This also goes for chrome; create a work user to minimise the possible distractions. Don´t fool around (too much) if your workday is tech heavy or you work in marketing. A streamlined day is a good day!

7. Talk to people…

Don’t bang your head against the wall, don’t start sending letters to inmates. Be a pal, chum or compadre — talk to your teammates. Of course not while they are sleeping, setting boundaries, dressing, taking some air, in a meeting or setting up their equipment — there is still a lot of time to chat. Don’t be afraid to call, message or FaceTime — it is what makes us feel sane. And even though these times feel crazy, we have to do what we can to make our lives feel as good as possible.

At the end of the day — do your thing!

There are a lot of ways to crack the code of working from home, and to each its own. The Skalar way is based on mutual responsibility and respect. You do what makes the team excel and play your part the best way you see fit. We like our teams to play by their own rules, and find their way from within the process. Smart people learn along the way, and that’s the Skalar way.


We create digital products that make you think — hey, that’s smart.


Skalar is a smart digital product company. We believe in synergy of business, design and technology. And we do this by creating solutions, services and business models that make a difference. Smart processes and smart results — that’s the Skalar way.


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Smart digital products, the skalar way. |


Skalar is a smart digital product company. We believe in synergy of business, design and technology. And we do this by creating solutions, services and business models that make a difference. Smart processes and smart results — that’s the Skalar way.

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