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Hello Community!!!

Following the AMA that happened in the SKALE Africa Telegram channel with the Clet Name Service team handled by me on the 3rd of March, 2023 at 4 PM UTC / 5 PM WAT. The world’s most organized cryptocurrency wallet name service, profile and identity solutions.

Here is a Recap

The AMA was handled by the SKALE Africa Ambassadors and it started with the introduction of the Clet Team to the community.

  • SKALE Ambassador

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to this amazing AMA with the Clet Names Service Team. I am happy to introduce our guests Yawsaii and Eyram19, the CTO and the SVP Engineering of Clet Name Service. We will be having 3 different sessions in this AMA.

Session 1

Special welcome to you Clet team, and thanks for joining us today. Kindly give us a proper introduction of yourself and a short but detailed overview of what your project is about, for those who are hearing this for the very first time.

  • Clet Team (Eyram)

It’s our pleasure
My name is Eyram and I am Clet’s SVP.
Clet is a unique decentralized name service and a web3 universal profile solution which offers users the ability to mask their various crypto addresses, socials and other essential information with a single name.

Session 2

Moving to the next session where we asked our guests a few questions

  • SKALE Ambassador

What is CLET?

  • Clet Team (Eyram)

As I just explained, Clet is a unique decentralized name service and a web3 universal profile solution which offers users the ability to mask their various crypto addresses, socials and other essential information with a single name.

Our naming system also ensures that users easily access, share and retrieve information from their Clet names. The structure also allows developers to utilize and integrate the service seamlessly onto their platforms.
You should be what you say you are everywhere!

For instance, Bob may purchase bob as a unique name and map his bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron addresses. Hence, Bob’s addresses will be bob.btc as his bitcoin address, bob.eth as his Ethereum address and bob.trx as his tron address respectively.

  • SKALE Ambassador

What is v2 all about and what key features and advancements distinguish v2 from v1?

  • Clet Team (Eyram)

v2 is our latest version release of Clet name service which includes significant changes and upgrades since the release of v1. The very first and essential change that excites us is we have become a fully decentralized application. Unlike v1 where we needed users to sign in with their emails and passwords, on v2, all you need is your Metamask wallet to connect and enjoy the benefits of owning a Clet name.

The second enhancement we’ve made is that you’re no longer restricted to just mapping crypto addresses to your Clet name. You can now also include social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc.) and other important information like email and phone numbers.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a fantastic feature that allows you to list your owned names on Clet’s marketplace at your preferred price.

Furthermore, we have over 40 details that can be mapped to your acquired name, and the best part is that it doesn’t cost any gas fees because we operate on SKALE’s calypso chain.

  • SKALE Ambassador

Who can use Clet?

  • Clet Team (Yawsaii)

Hello, I am Bernard and the CTO at Clet.
Anyone with an Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask or Trust wallet can acquire a name from CLET and begin to use the variety of features Clet provides.

  • SKALE Ambassador

What is the process for obtaining and utilizing Clet’s naming services, and what channels are available for accessing them?

  • Clet Team (Yawsaii)

You can acquire a Clet name on Clet’s main website; We have bots on both Twitter and discord that helps you resolve your Clet name at all times. Additionally, you can use the Clet browser extension, which is a robust tool that can resolve Clet names, unstoppable domains, and ens names on your PC whenever you need your address.

We are currently working on developing something for mobile devices. Stay tuned for an exciting update on this development.

  • SKALE Ambassador

Can you elaborate on the monetization opportunities available through Clet, including the hows for generating revenue?

  • Clet Team (Yawsaii)

You can earn Ethereum from CLET by selling Clet names and earning 5% of the purchase price through our partner program.

You can also earn through Clet’s marketplace where you sell a name you have acquired from Clet at your own price.

Session 3

  • SKALE Ambassador

Hi Members! Moving on to segment 3 where you can ask the Clet team LIVE questions, the chat is opened to everyone now to ask their questions, look at the information from the team so far, visit their website and come up with questions you love to have answers to. You have only 6 minutes to do this, take your time. The time starts now!

  • Question 1

Does the CLET browser extension works freely on an IOS browser?.
Which browsers do CLET extension works freely on?

  • Clet Team (Yawsaii)

The browser extension is only available for pc. Supported browsers are chrome, firefox, brave and others.

You can read more about the extension and supported browsers at

  • Question 2

What makes CLET Name Service stand out from other Naming Services?

  • Clet Team (Eyram)

Clet has amazing utilities like our extension and bots that give you the opportunity to resolve Clet names anywhere and at all times.
Additionally, we have a validation system that makes sure whatever detail you’re trying to map to your name is accurate.
Clet is also providing tools to make it easier for developers to integrate profile solutions and address resolutions in their dApps.

  • Question 3

Since one of the effects of V2 is to allow users to map social links, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Telegram etc. Can you say Clet Name Service is open to users outside the crypto space and web3 at large?

  • Clet Team (Eyram)

Yes, that’s correct.
That’s why even have a REST API to allow developers to integrate Clet in Web2

  • Question 4

Is there any subscription fee for Clet?

  • Clet Team (Yawsaii)

Names are purchased with a specified duration. Standard names cost $9, that is, 5 characters or more.

  • Question 5

Give me reasons why a user will purchase a domain name, store his/her personal details and later put it on sale knowing fully well it contains secrecy.

  • Clet Team (Eyram)

The details added to the name are wiped clean when the name is resold to a new user.
And to add to this, the blockchain is open and every mapped detail is recorded on the blockchain.
We’d advise you to map details that you really don’t mind sharing with the public.

We came to the end of the AMA here and we really appreciate the presence of the Clet team and their detailed answers to our questions.

To learn more about Clet Name Service and follow updates from them. Below are useful links for you.



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