Jack O'Holleran
Mar 7, 2019 · 5 min read

Bonjour! Salut à tous et toutes! The SKALE core team has arrived in Paris.

After a lot of fun launching the DevNet and great success stories at ETH Denver, the DevNet is ready for hacking at ETH Paris.

Here are a few details on the SKALE Network, bounties, and ideas for the hackathon. More to follow on the SKALE Dev Community Discord.

Why SKALE at the Hackathon?

SKALE empowers Ethereum DApps to scale solidity smart contracts in a secure, reliable, cost-effective manner. In short — with two clicks you can deploy your dApp to a fast sidechain with flexible blocksizes, 1 second blocktimes, and no gas. These features are great IRL, but are also great at hackathons where performance helps you have a better showing with the judges.

SKALE ETH Paris Bounties

6 SKALE Bounties!

  • 5 × 500 Euro bounties
  • 1 × 1000 Euro bounty

500 Euros to each of 5 best DApps and 1000 Euros to one super DApp deployed on SKALE.

How to Get a SKALE Chain for the Hackathon

Join the SKALE Discord ( and request an endpoint. It takes just 45 seconds to start up your SKALE sidechain and speed up your smart contracts right at the hackathon.

Judging criteria

The dApps will be judged based on quality of the idea, effort, and the UX. There is no requirement for wild scaling use cases for the bounties. We just want to see Ethereum work fast and bring value.

With SKALE advancements in both smart contract complexity and computation power vastly increase the types of dApps that are feasible with solidity. While we aren’t expecting someone to be running ADMM Optimization over the weekend, we do hope that people no longer have a fear of running out of gas or using complex algorithms in their code :)

Some Ideas to Spark your Thinking

While there are a plethora of great ideas for an Ethereum Hackathon, here are a few ideas to spark creativity in Paris.


Presently, the blocktimes on Ethereum make it impossible to create high-throughput dApps. And even if Ethereum had faster blocktimes, the ability to perform microtransactions would likely be prohibitively expensive (with gas costs often outweighing the actual value of the transaction).

SKALE’s faster blocktimes and decreased costs allow for teams to integrate microtransactions into existing dApps as well as create services to be consumed by other dApps. Here are a few examples of dApps you could build that showcase microtransactions with SKALE:

The Jamie Dimon Alarm Clock

Do you find yourself constantly pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock? Well, with The Jamie Dimon Alarm Clock, every snooze is your money in his pocket.

Users set up their alarm by escrowing money on Ethereum and configuring their timezone, how many days they want the alarm to continue before withdrawing their money, the time of the alarm, and the amount they lose for every minute they snooze the alarm. In this case, SKALE is used to facilitate microtransactions between your deposit and Jamie Dimon’s wallet!

PPM (Pay-Per-Minute) Movies

Have you ever decided partway through a movie that it just wasn’t for you? So, you stop watching it, even though you paid for the entire movie.

With PPM Movies, users only pay for what they watch and are charged for each minute of content provided to them. The content is served via some decentralized datastore (try SKALE Storage this weekend… soft launch!!!) and users are charged each minute that they have data streaming to their devices.


As we become more connected with smart devices, our privacy is constantly being undermined and compromised. Just the other week, it was made known that Amazon’s Ring “provided its Ukraine-based research and development team virtually unfettered access to a folder on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service that contained every video created by every Ring camera around the world”.

Between the disregard for user privacy as well as the high fees charged for access to those videos (for users), we know that we can offer something better. We envision a service that encrypts all data on-device and charges users for what they decrypt and view (similar to PPM Movies). Less rent paid to a middle-man and greater privacy.

If you’re interested in disrupting the smart home industry, come get a Raspberry Pi from our table!


Smart contracts on Ethereum are succinct and cost prohibitive out of necessity. With SKALE’s increased larger blocks and high gasLimit, we are able to support much more complex smart contracts and computationally-intensive operations. Here are a few examples of dApps you could build that showcase computation with SKALE:

Decentralized Kaggle Competitions

For those not familiar with Kaggle competitions, these are competitions in which the host provides a dataset as well as a problem to go along with said dataset. At the end of the competition, the participant with the best solution (as decided in an automated process by the Kaggle Kernels) is awarded a prize by the host in exchange for the right to use the algorithm.

Sorting Microservice

While most engineers regard sorting as a given, blockchain developers have often had to work around this. Have you ever tried to sort an array on Ethereum? It’s more likely that you’ve used a queue or just worked with unordered data — referencing everything by an address as a means of saving gas.

Providing a decentralized service on SKALE that dApps can call to sort their data would be a huge benefit to the community and help to curb some of the compromises being made in smart contracts to fit the gas usage of each block.

See You at the Hackathon!

Please stop by the SKALE booth and say hello.

SKALE’s mission is to make it quick and easy to set up a cost-effective, high-performance sidechain that runs full-state smart contracts. We aim to deliver a performant experience to developers that offers speed and functionality without giving up security or decentralization.

Follow us here on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and sign up for updates via this form on the SKALE website.

Jack O'Holleran

Written by

co-founder @ SKALE Labs



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