SKALEing 20% of ETHParis Submissions

Christine Perry
Mar 18, 2019 · 5 min read

Hello, Everyone!

After ETHDenver, we took some time to review how the event went and set out to plan to improve for our next hackathon; and improve we did — from 4 SKALE-Chain deployments at ETHDenver to 20% of all submissions at ETHParis! And to top things off, we were able to test out an early version of SKALE’s decentralized file storage solution, SKALE Filestorage.

Overall, ETHParis was an incredible experience for the SKALE team, and we are deeply grateful for an off-the-charts warm reception. 20% of all ETHParis submissions were deployed on SKALE with SKALE being the most used technology at the hackathon.

We continued learning from the community and the entire team worked around the clock to support our fellow hackers!


ETHParis was teaming with creative submissions — here are the winning teams that received SKALE’s bounties with two teams being also recognized as the winners of the main hackathon.

Pyromania — winners of SKALE’s bounty and one of the 4 winners of the main hackathon


Ayyo won SKALE’s biggest bounty of €1,000 for the implementation of SKALE in his ETH-based paywall that you can add to any website with just two lines of code! You may not know this, but services such as Stripe which allow creators to easily integrate payments into their sites are not available in all countries. Ayyo is a simple script that allows creators to add a paywall or hide premium content on their website for users who have not paid with their web3 address.

Thank you, Gautham Santhosh for your dedication to access easy payments for creators, worldwide!

See his code, here!


Pyromania is another winner of SKALE’s five €500 bounties for its implementation of SKALE in their recyclable token for cleaning up the Ethereum blockchain. Presently, there are a lot of coins collecting dust from ICO mania, Pyromania lets you burn all of them in exchange for a single token which, hypothetically should collect value over time as more and more users trade into it. Pyromania was also one of 4 winners of the main hackathon!

Thank you, Petr Korolev, Igor Gulamov, and Arsenii Pechenkin!

See their code, here!


Cleaned is another winner of SKALE’s five €500 bounties for its implementation of SKALE in another take on burning failed ICO project tokens. The difference between it and Pyromania is that individuals get to make comments on the project of the token they burned in the dApp. The more they burn, the more characters they get to use in their comment. Cleanedapp was also one of 4 winners of the main hackathon!

Thank you, Sergio, Evgeny, Pavel, and Alexey!

See their code, here!


Collective is one of the winners of SKALE’s five €500 bounties for its implementation of SKALE in a decentralized crowdfunding platform. In systems like Gitcoin, funding is often on an individual basis where funds slowly trickle into various projects. In Collective, users vote on the projects that they would like to fund with the caveat that the total amount of funding for that voting period will be distributed to only the most popular projects — allowing for teams to receive greater amounts of funding.

Thank you, Tobi Schoder, Alessandro Ricottone, Michael Kaserer, and Jean-Baptiste Terrazzoni for your dedication to funding decentralized projects and teams!

See their code, here!


Ethique is another winner of SKALE’s five €500 bounties for its implementation of SKALE in Twitter-based tipping platform. Much like, Ethique allows users to tip others for their tweets. Once a user signs up for Ethique with their Twitter account, they are issued 500 Tweet tokens that are automatically sent to users who they like or retweet!

Thank you, Bradley Clarke and Gabe Ibarra for your dedication to mainstream adoption!

See their code, here!


Nanti is another winner of SKALE’s five €500 bounties for its integration of SKALE in its dApp allowing for the issuance corporate bonds and enabling them to be used as collateral for payment channels. The system is compatible with any EVM-based blockchain and can be extended to work with any type of title or digital asset.

Thank you, Xavier Lavayssière and Alexandre Kurth!

See their code, here!


We are really impressed with everyone’s willingness to learn and collaborate, and were really happy to work with hackers across a wide range of questions related both dApp building and SKALE’s software. It was great to find out where things weren’t clear to the community and take some time to dive into the codebase with everyone — we even ended up uncovering a bug in one of the repositories we had forked (Aleth) and committing a fix back to the main repository!

For future hackathons, we encourage all teams hacking with SKALE to come to the booth for support whenever necessary. SKALE will also develop a more streamlined support system for future hackathons so that similar questions regarding deployment can be quickly answered in person at SKALE’s booth and online on Discord.

User Feedback

With any new software, there is always room to improve, and SKALE is no exception to this fact! While users were pleased with the ease of setup and execution of both SKALE-Chains and SKALE Filestorage, there was a desire for more example repositories and documentation that they could reference when building their own projects.

Along with this documentation would come best practices on developer tooling to account for the multitude of versions available and their different capabilities. Lastly, users requested drop-in scripts for SKALE Filestorage which could be copied into a dApp’s UI to accompany the npm package.

See you all at ETHNY!

The SKALE Team!

The SKALE Team!

Until then, if you’d like to learn more about our efforts, make sure to join the SKALE community on Discord and check out the Developer Documentation!

Also, feel free to also check out SKALE’s Technical Overview and Consensus Overview for a deeper dive into how SKALE works and is able to provide 20,000 TPS.

SKALE’s mission is to make it quick and easy to set up a cost-effective, high-performance sidechain that runs full-state smart contracts. We aim to deliver a performant experience to developers that offers speed and functionality without giving up security or decentralization.

Follow us here on Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and sign up for updates via this form on the SKALE website.


Thoughts, ideas, and musings from the SKALE Foundation

Christine Perry

Written by

Director of Global Solutions Engineering at Skale Labs



Thoughts, ideas, and musings from the SKALE Foundation

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