Citizen Profile: Karabou* and Thato*, Skate and Create students (Johannesburg)

Skate and Create students gather for a picture.

In Johannesburg, our Skate and Create students come by Skateistan after school each day in the afternoon. Our programs give children and youth the opportunity to use their afternoons productively, whether that’s in the skatepark or the classroom. Skate and Create combines an hour of skating with an hour in the classroom to provide two hours of learning in many different ways. This month, we have two Citizen stories to tell you. Karabou* and Thato* are both Skate and Create students, here they share some words about why they come to Skateistan.

“At Skateistan, we create, we learn and we skate.”
Karabou* posing with her pads on -ready for a shred.

My name is Karabou* and I am originally from Emalangeni in Kwa Zulu Natal. I first heard about Skateistan when I heard my friends talking about it and they were happy every day. So they showed me the place.

At Skateistan, we create, we learn and we skate. I have learnt everything here…about plants, animals, pollution, stealing, bullying, rules, and fruits. Oh, also how to drop-in on my skateboard!

My favorite thing about skateboarding is learning how to skate and how to drop-in. In the classroom, I like learning how to grow plants and learning about painting.

I love everything about Skateistan and one day I hope to become a professional skateboarder.

“Skateistan teaches us good things and they encourage us to do the right thing.”
Thato* during a Skate and Create session end of May 2017.

My name is Thato* and I am from Zimbabwe. I joined Skateistan because I heard from my friends that it gives education and teaches you how to skate. I come here to get help with my homework and to skate. At Skateistan, I’ve learnt that it’s good to love one another and to trust each other.

My favourite thing about skateboarding and learning is that you get to join education classes for your future and that’s better than just sitting at home doing nothing. Skateistan teaches us good things and they encourage us to do the right thing. One day I hope to be a skate trainer and a professional skater.

Empowering youth through skateboarding!

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*Names changed in line with Child Protection Policy.

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