Citizen Profile: Luyanda*, Outreach Student (Johannesburg)

Luyanda*, an Outreach student in Johannesburg.

Skateistan’s Outreach program enables us to grow our reach and engage with new potential students in the local community. Educators and Youth Leaders head out with skateboarding gear to local public spaces where children and youth often pass the time, and encourage them to try skateboarding. For most of these children, like Luyanda Motha*, it will be their first time. After this first introduction, many students join Skateistan and become regular participants the program or other programs such as Skate and Create.

Age: 11 Year old

Program: Outreach (2017 )

How did you come to join Skateistan’s Outreach program?

I was hanging out at the park after school and I saw people skateboarding. They asked if I wanted to skate. Although I was a bit scared of falling, I said yes.

What were you doing at the park before joining Skateistan Outreach Program?

I had nothing to do at home, so I would go there to play with friends, we would play soccer though there is no space to kick the ball.

What activities do you do at Skateistan?

Last month we were doing gardening, planting vegetables. Other times we paint and draw.

What do you like about Skateistan?

I like to skate and meet new friends.

What do you want to be in the future?

I want to teach other kids how to skate and also be a doctor too.

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