Kabul Update: Celebrating 7 Years of the Skate School!

130 students attended the celebration for the Skate School!

In 2009 Skateistan opened the doors to the first ever Skate School and a one-of-a-kind sporting facility in Kabul Afghanistan. Since then it has grown year on year to welcome more students and the community, providing the safe space for youth to skateboard, do others sport and learn lots of different things.

In honour of the Skate School’s 7th anniversary, the staff and students held a special celebration with cake, skateboarding and plenty of smiles. Development and Communications Officer Hamdullah tells us about the special day…

Words and photos by Hamdullah Hamdard.

On November 9th we celebrated the 7th anniversary of our Skate School in Kabul. At this event more than 130 female students attended the party and celebrated the occasion. Students showed their newly learned skills to their friends and classmates. Some of them performed the National Anthem live on the stage and others showed their new skateboarding tricks in a demo to the audience.

Skate competition winner, Basma!

As well as this, we had a skate competition. The competitors displayed their best tricks in front of the students and audience. Youth Leader, Basma was awarded the prize for being the best! She was one of our Skate and Create students and also a member of the student council.

There was also a football match organized between students and the Educators. It was a really exciting game for everyone involved, and the spectators were shouting the names of their friends and encouraging them to score goals!

The crowd were cheering for their friends, the atmosphere in the Skate School was full of energy.

*Negina, a Skate and Create student, who is only 11 years old, expressed her feelings about the day in a speech:

“Coming to Skateistan is like visiting a new place on the earth and I am expressing that today in my speech to you all. Skateistan is like my second home. I feel that way because at Skateistan I can express my skills and I can do those things that I can not do outside.”
The most amazing cake in the world to celebrate an amazing day!

This celebration for the Skate School was also the opportunity for us to introduce Soroush Kazemi, our new General Manager, who has lots of new plans and ideas. It is a really exciting time for Skateistan in Kabul and this was a great day!

There was enough cake for everyone to enjoy.
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