Phnom Penh Update: Celebrating Women’s Day 2017

International Women’s Day is a collective day of global celebration to celebrate economic, cultural and political equality and the achievements of women. All of our Skate Schools join in to celebrate the day, with each site organizing a day full of skating and creativity dedicated to women!

Words by Rattanak.

Every year we celebrate Women Day’s, alongside every other Skateistan “Skate School” but this year we celebrated on the 10th of March — a little later than the actual day. We wanted all of our partners to join the event. In total, we welcomed over a hundred people. It was pretty amazing because it was organized by the Youth Leaders and local staff. All of our partners were really happy to join in and participated in skateboarding games and art lessons. The event was a great chance to show them how we run our “Skate School” and how our students learn at Skate and Create.

Rooting for fellow students during a skateboard challenge.

This year’s event was mostly organized by our Youth Leaders and it was the first time for them to run an event without any support by the staff members. We were incredibly proud to see their success and process and it was a great opportunity for them to learn and work as a group. The event went smooth without any incidents, running by an agenda that we prepared before.

The “Skate School” offers plenty of space for the community to gather.

It started with a welcome by the M.C. (host) who was a Youth Leader. After that, we had 15 minutes to introduce ‘What is Women day’s? And why we celebrate it?’ With a question and answer session with fruit as prizes. Next we had a short skate demonstration for the audience and students to know and understand about this sport. After the skate demonstration, we separated into two groups — one to play skate and another one to do art with paper and tissue paper to make flowers. We got so many kids to join in skateboarding and they had fun together, and many of our disabled students joined the art session to make flowers to share with people they loved. At the end of the event we danced together before we went home.

The local team and Youth Leaders!

The main point for doing this event was to show the community what Skateistan does and to communicate with the community and students directly. We’re so proud of our Youth Leaders who ran the event super smoothly — plus all of them are girls! They were inspiring all the younger girls at Skateistan through this Women’s Day event.

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