Phnom Penh Update: Meeting the Locals of Wat Thmey

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Our staff and Youth Leaders in Cambodia help out by organizing Outreach sessions to engage with the local community around Phnom Penh. This week they packed their boards into the tuk-tuk skateramp and headed off to the neighborhood of Wat Thmey. Every Outreach session is unique, great fun and a chance to bring the joy of skateboarding to more youth in Cambodia, plus spread the word on what Skateistan does.

Words by Sovanara Kong.

Youth Leaders getting to know the locals!

Apart from running our programs at the Skate School in Phnom Phen, our staff and Youth Leaders organize regular Outreach sessions to reach Phnom Penh’s most vulnerable children. ‘‘Love’’ is the topic of this year’s series of special events held at these sessions. We hosted an event at a recent Outreach session at which youth were able to get in contact with the representatives of Skateistan. They had the chance to provide further information on the programs available at Skate School to the parents.

The first skate experience for one of the girls of the Outreach session.
The new students enjoying some creative crafting as part of the program.

The actual session combined creative art activities with a fun warm up and a first skate session. Afterwards the youth were provided with a snack and drinks. This latest event at Wat Thmey had over 20 children plus parents attend.

It was a great get-together for the local community and a good chance to show some of the opportunities that Skateistan programs provide!

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