Quick Guide: How to use Skeb!

Kazunari Kida
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3 min readJan 11, 2021


Skeb means “Sketch book” in Japanese.

Here’s the quick guide about Skeb.

What is Skeb?

Skeb is the Japanese commission platform that you can request arts to 45,000+ JP artists with relatively low costs across language barriers by the automated translation.
You can use Skeb if you have a VISA or MasterCard (PayPal denied Skeb.)
You do not need a Japanese bank account to request arts.

Japanese Skeb is very different from western commissions.
Its most important concept is the communication-less and that creators can draw easily and quickly. In exchange for low costs, all communications are prohibited except in the text of requests.

Skeb’s rules

  • All content must be included in the text of the request.
    You can not put any external text files in Google Docs or other services.
    If you have image references, please put the URL of your tweet in the text of your request.
    The text of your request will be made public and used as a reference for somebody to make a new request.
  • Skeb is basically for personal use only.
    Skeb is not suitable for materials such as Live2D.
    Creators reserve all rights.
    If you have the purpose other than tweeting it or setting it as your profile picture, you must write it in the text of your request.
  • Please do not translate requests into Japanese on your own.
    Skeb has the world’s best translation system by DeepL.
    It will automatically translate your request and show both the translated text and the original text to its creator.
  • Please do not communicate with creators about Skeb.
    You are not allowed to estimate, discuss, retake, limit the scope of publication, and specify the date of publication of your request.
    Sending DMs or emails to creators about Skeb is strictly forbidden.
    The contract of Skeb does not require creators to follow the text of your request and does not allow you to dispute any their works.

    Violators will never be able to use Skeb again.
    No problem if it is not a communication about Skeb.

How to request art!

  1. Sign in Skeb with Twitter.
  2. Go to “Following creators” (syncing with the following list of your twitter) from the root.
  3. Choose your favorite JP artists.
  4. Go to “Request” from their user pages.
  5. Write your content on the text.
    Keep the amount as recommended normally.
    Tweet image references if you have them.
  6. Wait for approving and delivering it.
    Dance if it gets delivered. Or back to 3 if it gets cancelled.

Example Text

I would like to request a drawing of my Vtuber avatar.
She is a dog girl.
I may use your work as a thumbnail on YouTube.
Thank you!

Note: “Please contact me if you have any questions.”, “I’ll send you references by DM.”, “We already discussed.”, and “Please send me the uncensored alternative.” are violations and will be got severe penalties.
Skeb cannot handle requests once that you have communicated with their creators externally. Please use other methods such as PayPal.

As stated in the Terms and Policies, only people who agreed to all of the above can use Skeb. Thank you for reading!

The manager of Skeb is also a client.
See: https://skeb.jp/@nalgami
Skeb is extremely ADDICTIVE! So be careful!!