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10 Things to Do in 2020 As a Designer to Boost Career

So, we have 2020. You probably have read several articles with trend predictions for 2020 and got some inspiration. However, maybe you would like to focus on some things that will boost your skills as a designer?

Let’s explore things that may help you become a better designer this year!

1. Attend at Least Two Conferences

Conferences, meet-ups are great places to inspire and meet remarkable people. You should attend a few events. They will help you keep track on what you are doing!

Recently Pablo Stanley launched the site with a collection of Design Conferences. Find something for you!

2. Master Your Design Tool

It does not matter if you choose Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, or other design tools. You have to know the features and the workflow of specific software to work efficiently.

For me Sketch is the primary Tool. I also write some tutorials that may help you learn freash features. If you would like to read about some tips on more advanced features here are some of mentioned tutorials:

… you may also learn other interesting tips that you may not yet know:

3. Start Using and Developing Design System

I know its 2020, and the majority of us already use Design Systems. If you didn’t have any chance to build or use one, let’s do it this year.

If somehow your commercial work will not allow to create Design Systems UI Library from the scratch, use some foundations to speed up the thing. If you are afraid of creating it for your client fro the first time, try to make a personal project. There is always a way.

Design Systems are the standard now, so having experience in this matter is extremely important. Here are some articles to begin with:

…and a free ebook:

4. Discover Neo/Neumorphism

While I do not recommend to follow trends blindly — it is necessary to know what is happening. The come back of skeuomorphism as neuomorphism may be the thing this year. Inspire yourself with a few designs made in this style.

Recently Michal Malewicz has written a helpful article explaining the trend:

… and here is the set of inspiration from Dribbble:

5. Find Valuable Inspiration on Social Media.

Medium and blogs are a great place to learn and inspire from. I am sure that you already follow some Facebook Groups. However, ff you are on Instagram, you may see that it is also a place actively explored by designers.

You may find UI Design inspirations there:

… or learn UX/UI from other Designers:

You can also 🙌 catch me on Instagram! 😃

6. Join a Course to Develop or Structurize Skills

Mastering software is one thing, but there is always something to learn in various disciplines, choose from well-known sources like Learnux by Greg Rog or Udemy.

… also this year MDS is launching a very promising course for Visual Design:

7. Focus More on Accessibility

We still hear about the need for designing for everyone, but there is plenty of sites and apps that need to be adjusted for various disabilities.

This year you should focus more on making your designs accessible.WCAG 2.0 will always help you with guidelines.

There are also some handy tools for designers to help design for accessibility:

8. Remember About GDPR

Privacy has become an important thing in Europe last year. Lots of websites still need to be enhanced to match all patterns. Help your clients design user-friendly patterns for GDPR.

Here is a little help:

9. Learn to Design for Automation & Productivity

There are more and more tools that help to automate tasks. Designing for them is challenging, so you may explore the following tools to learn from:

There are also new tools that enhance personal and team productivity. The simplicity and flexibility of these solutions are stunning. Explore and analyze how simplicity and productivity connect in these solutions:

10. Take Some Break to Get Inspiration From Other Disciplines

Design is a broad industry. You may spend entire life learning theories and mastering the tools. This year find a hobby that is not directly related to design. Thanks to this, you will keep your mind fresh and open for inspiration.

Think what you always wanted to try, but you never had “enough” time. Maybe this is the year to start doing this! 😃

Summing up

Trends come and go, but developing your skills always pay off.

2020 may be an excellent time for you as a designer. Lots of things depend on you, so inspire yourself and make something cool! Good luck!

By the way…

If you plan to start a new project or you would like to organize your UI Library — do not waste your time creating everything from scratch. Feel free to use mentioned above Design System Kit called Prime. It is All-In-One UI Design Starter Kit for Sketch. See Prime in action.

🎁 Now, you can get 10% Off for The Kit with MEDIUM10 offer code!

You can also Create User Flows faster in Sketch — With SQUID you can create User Flows directly in Sketch the sketch file with your artboards. Everything may be done within a couple of clicks. See how it works.

Thanks for reading!

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