5 Web Design Mistake Killing Your Conversion Rates

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4 min readOct 15, 2018


Web Design Mistake Killing Your Conversion Rates

It shows up you have legitimately planned your site, putting all the important components; yet the discussion rate doesn’t appear to go up.

So what turned out badly?

It is imperative to know there are a few components of website designing that may really be bringing down your conversion rate without you knowing it.

Web Designing is all about focusing on fulfilling your goal not the only improving your site and aesthetic value. If you are looking forward to sell the products, gain the readers and include endorsers, thus the complete reason of your websites presence is to convert. A few components that make your site aesthetically pleasing can also kill your conversion rates.

Here you can check out the five web design mistakes that is killing your conversion rates:

1. Poor Landing Page with an Excessive Amount of Clutter:

A page with an excessive amount of clutter makes the page complex and uninviting. So overwhelming your customers with unwanted context on the landing page will influence them to leave the site before conversion. It is better to educate the visitors about your products in short and right to the point, so that excess of content on page don’t jumbled up the viewer making difficult them to understand the process.

When there is lot of clutter on the page the visitor’s attention is being pulled away in different directions, and this tends to low rate of conversion. Thus, it is significant that you keep your design clean and only put the necessary information and eliminate the unnecessary elements from the page.

In the latest GoodFirms research of web design stats and trends, it was revealed that around 89% of web designers prefer flat design. The main reason cited for this preference was to deliver a clear and engaging interface to users. This can be successfully achieved by avoiding excessive use of gradients and textures.

2. Short of Prominent Call To Action (CTA) Buttons:

CTA is the most essential part of your website. CTAs are the Call to Action buttons. It is vital that you have an appealing and prominent CTA buttons that directs users to perform the desired action and hence enhance the conversion rates. An unclear and poorly design CTA button will break down the user’s attention.

You can refer these points to plan proper Call to action strategy

a) Text: Is your call to action understandable? Does it produce a sense of urgency? Is it action-oriented?

b) Placement: Is CTA button properly placed above the fold? It is at a place where users would most likely to take action?

c) Size: How effortlessly can users hit upon the CTA tab? Is it simply identifiable?

d) Colour: Does your CTA button visually attractive? Does it stand out from the rest of the page?

3. Low-Quality Content and Images:

The quality of content on your landing pages should be relevant along with pleasing images that creates an impact on your visitors. Therefore the content must be written with clear vision which is easy to understand by customers and help them in what they are looking for. Especially descriptions on eCommerce websites are mostly boring and have a same sounding text. Ensure that writing description about any product must be unique content along with a crisp in it.

The content and images on your website play a critical role grabbing your visitor’s attention when they reach your site. Thus, to have high conversion rate you also need quality and authentic content with meaningful and relevant images.

4. No Responsive Website Composition:

Today, one of the key measurements for an effective business is improved user experience. A responsive site is the best solution for a superior user experience. A responsive website design incorporates an adaptable, fluid design that adjusts to fit different screen sizes, goals, and gadgets.

Most of the people are using Smartphone’s, tablets for shopping and performing various activities. Therefore, it is imperative that your website change layouts according to the users screen size and get an opportunity to not miss the conversion rates. The other excellent benefits is switching to a responsive website design is that your online presence of business is ready for any future technological changes. At GoodFirms.co you can check out the curated list of Web Design Companies that have strong record of work in designing creative responsive websites.

5. Confusing Navigation:

No matter how visually rich is your site, whatever number of highlights you may have included in it if your users find exploring around your site is an uphill task, the conversion rate may seriously get low. It design of navigation may impact on two ways that is it can reach your business to success or failure.

That’s the reason, it is essential that you have a clear navigation with simple sound design and easy browsing experience. It should be not confusing and your audience should find their way towards your desired action. Keep in mind that your users need to know where they are at all the time remembering to orient them and find their way around your site.


The conversion rate is a significant indicator of your website’s achievement that relies on different components. There are chances that you might have made some mistakes during designing your website. Thus, it is necessary that you keep evaluating your site and testing the various elements on every page. With this practise you will be able to find out the possible mistakes and expelled them quickly. If your websites goal is to serve a good service to customers, make sure that design is pleasing and it acts as magnet to attract the potential leads and steer them towards conversion.