6 Sketch Plugins to Supercharge Your Workflow

The best productivity and performance plugins for Sketch

1. Sketch Runner

Sketch Runner can manage and install other plugins, search for and create symbols, jump to specific pages in your file, apply styles, and more. Click ⌘ + ‘ to pull up the interface and type in your command. This plugin is a must-have for any designer using Sketch and will transform your day-to-day workflow.

Download Sketch Runner

2. Craft

Craft is a suite of plugins created by InVision that makes it easy to perform a series of time-saving tasks. This includes searching for stock photos, duplicating content, and inputting dummy data as placeholder text. The best part of this plugin is the integration of InVision, particularly the Sync, Prototype, and Freehand features. These features alone will save you a great deal of time from exporting and updating designs.

Download Craft

3. Relabel Button

Keep consistent padding on all of your buttons by clicking ⌘ + J to replace the text content of a button. Pro Tip: If your button is a symbol, make the initial instance’s text very long to ensure that it doesn’t bleed out of the container.

Download Relabel Button

4. Sketch Measure

Easily annotate files by marking a layer’s size, spacing, and other properties. You can also mark sections with overlays and add notes to your designs with relative ease. This plugin takes the guesswork out of annotating and simplifies the process.

Download Sketch Measure

5. User Flows

Create comprehensive user flows by linking different artboards together with a series of arrows. You also have the option to create conditional statements and export a final diagram of the flow. This is perfect for illustrating complicated user flows that may have many paths.

Download User Flows

6. Color Contrast Analyzer

Design with accessibility in mind by analyzing the contrast between two layers. The Color Contrast Analyzer will then give a pass or fail grade based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Download Color Contrast Analyzer

Nicholas Kramer is a designer currently working at Barrel in New York City. He solves design problems for businesses by helping them simplify ideas and communicate their value to customers.

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