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An easy way how to convert your design into a greyscale in Sketch

We are talking about the Sketch app for Mac

Converting into greyscale

The question is very simple. Is there a quick way how to convert any design into a greyscale on five or less clicks? The answer is yes. However, this feature is not as obvious as it could be.

Take a look at the vide below to get to know what I mean by converting your design into a greyscale.

Greyscaleing in Sketch app for mac

How do I get the result as in the video above then? Follow the steps below to get it:

  1. Insert a shape that overlays the whole area that is supposed to be greyscaled.
  2. Change the Blending options in the right menu to color.
  3. Change the Filling colour of the object (white in the case above) and remove the border.

That is all for today. See you soon with new tips&tricks.



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