Auto-Layout v0.1.0 — Symbols Support

As well as Keyboard Shortcuts and Pixel Snapping 🎁

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Symbols Support

You can now use Pins on a Symbol and Auto-Layout would apply to all its instances 🎉

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now use your keyboard to apply pins, toggle orientation and change screen sizes or platforms.

Use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+Cmd+] to toggle between screens
Use Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+Cmd + an arrow to toggle pins

To view or edit Keyboard Shortcuts:

Click Auto-Layout logo to reveal the menu and click “Keyboard Shortcuts”
View or edit your Keyboard Shortcuts

Pixel Snapping

“No More Half Measures” — Click to tweet

Previous versions could have a pixels with fractions. This update snaps to the closest pixel to solve the issue.

For example now 432.2px would snap to 432px and 432.5px would snap to 433px.

The function in use is nearbyint() and you can test more values here.

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