Auto-Layout v0.1.3: Max Width, Facelift, and New Documentation

Responsive designs in Sketch

📏 Max Width

You can now define:

  • Max Width
  • Min Width
  • Max Height
  • Min Height

Once set, the layer width or height will never exceed the min/max values, no matter what the Artboard size is.

Here the layer max width is 100px. You can see it doesn’t stretch more than that.

Learn more:


In this update we made Auto-Layout panel even simpler and crispier than before 💅

To expand the panel click “Pin” or ▶️


📔 We are pleased to announce a new documentation website:

You’ll find there a guide that includes all the information as well as tips and tricks you never knew about 😃

Our new documentation website will make sure you’ll know the ins & outs of Auto-Layout

From your friends at Anima App 👋

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