B.C. versus A.D. (Bohemian Coding versus Angry Designers)

Quick Update: This post from Bohemian Coding, mentioning the release of 3.4.2, and their failings with 3.4 makes for a good read. Enjoy!

Well. The folks over at Bohemian Coding have just gone 12 rounds with a large portion of the Sketch community these past few weeks. That’s some bout to slug your way through.

The reason?

Sketch 3.4.

This sort of half baked product release is exactly the reason why many of your users abandoned products like Illustrator.

Anon from Twitter

Let’s make things clear. Sketch, which I adore by the way, has had the odd infestation of bugs throughout it’s short lifespan. I’ve been there from version 2.0 and have experienced these first hand.

But there has been nothing, in my experience, that has crippled my workflow, has made me rage at the application in front of me, throw down my keyboard, and go outside to get some fresh air before I pop!

There have been niggles. Slightly frustrating quirks. But no project stoppers by any stretch.

“By now they should know not to ship with so many bugs” someone just shouted from the back of the room.

The vitriol from some people has been at an all-time high. And quite a few times, referencing Illustrator as the bug-free saviour in all this. Which at Version 344.4, I’m sure it’s doing pretty fine now.

Without trying to sound like a broken record, they are a new(ish) company, and a small team (if we’re comparing to someone like Adobe) too.

I started using Illustrator when Venus was adorning the splash screen. And believe me it wasn’t a smooth birth with that program in those early days. Hey. If you read the credits on their splash page (half of America was on there. It was a big team, is what I’m trying to say).

B.C. haven’t been afforded this luxury of such a large team from their early beginnings.

I think the 3.4 release has really pulled the rug from underneath Bohemian Coding’s feet. This was the release where the Sketch community really had their rhubarb rubbed the wrong way.

Are B.C. learning from this?

I truly believe this release is the one that made them take stock.

They are listening. They are a lot more vocal on Twitter, and the various other outlets, than I have ever seen them before.

They’re also pushing these new updates at a much speedier rate than I’ve experienced before.

I see them making steps to be more transparent to users, plugin developers, and companion apps on Beta releases. They are aiming to keep folks in the loop at a much earlier stage than they would have done in the past.

They’ve made slip ups. But they are now sitting up.

So, carry on being vocal. They are listening, more than they ever have, and that is a positive sign.

And then (for those really disgruntled folks of these past few stormy weeks) I can change this title to ‘B.C. and A.D. (Bohemian Coding and ‘Appy Designers)’.

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