Chain Plugin for Sketch

What is Chain and how it works

What was the problem?

Remember when you designed the whole application or a website and suddenly the “Team” thought it’s umm .. you know.. could be better, or whatever, They decided that you can use this color or that one. Well the thing they didn’t know — or they knew 😏— was that you had to change the color and harmony of your whole design everytime they decided to change the color or something.

I know you’re thinking, well you have to choose colors before you actually design the application, That’s completely true, but believe me, this happens to everybody at some point in their design process.

What’s Chain? ⛓

Well, “Chain” — As its name implies — will actually links your layers together, when you link more than one layer together, if you change the Color, Alpha, Saturation or Brightness of the reference layers, other chained layers will be affected, and they will be affected in the beautiful dynamic way! it means you can make harmonies in your design and easily change the whole harmony with every little detail.

Let’s get to the details

For example, if you have 4 different layers in your design, you can simply chain all of them together, the first layer can be the reference layer, other layers will obey that one.

Let’s check how this works in a video by “Chain” developers.

There are 4 variables available in the plugin like “Hue”, “Saturation”, “Brightness” and “Alpha” that you can do unlimited things with all of them.

“Chain” developers are working hard on this plugin to make it better every day. The version of the plugin is “0.9” so they have long way to go but we can help with reporting bugs and problems.

Personally I thank the developers for making this plugin and making our job more beautiful and agile than ever, and I really hope they keep up good work.

Download “Chain” plugin

Spend more time for your creativity.

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