Checkpoints Plugin for Sketch

Save important stages of your artboards in the blink of an eye, and then, move fast and break things.

Here how to use in two steps:

1. Select One or More Artboards

Pro Tip: You don’t have to select artboards particularly. Just choose any layers inside the artboard, plugin will find the relevant artboards for you.

2. Run “Save a Checkpoint”

Done, Checkpoints are Created

Plugin creates a group named “Checkpoints” if there is no one already, and puts newly created checkpoint into it with a timestamp.

Max Checkpoint Count

Three checkpoints at most are kept for each artboard as default. When a new checkpoint is created, the oldest one will be deleted. However you can change the maximum checkpoint count from the plugin menu.

Shared Styles and Symbols

All checkpoints are created shared styles and symbols free. So your changes on these won’t have any effect on the savings.

Also it supports all Sketch versions, so you can use it with the new symbol system (Sketch 3.7) or with the old one.

How to Restore a Checkpoint

No magic here yet. Make a checkpoint visible and copy the parts you want to reuse. I might add a functionality to make that easier maybe, but I think it’s not something urgent or necessary yet.

Download the Plugin

Use Sketch Toolbox to install or download it from here.

I hope the plugin helps your design process to be more productive and safe. Let me to know if you have any suggestions or feedback!