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Collapsing Stacks, Fixed Position & More

Launchpad & Auto-Layout 0.8

👌 Fixed Position

How to

  • Select a layer
  • Press ‘•••’ button in the panel
  • Set Fixed Position
  • Use Auto-Layout Pins to pin the layer to the corners
The ••• displays the More menu — then Select ‘Set Fixed Position’

👐 Collapsible Stacks

We’re adding a new feature to stacks — Collapsing Stacks.

Collapsing Stacks

Collapsing is Optional

Collapsing is optional — Existing stacks remains non-collapsing unless you change it.

🎁 More Improvements

  • You can now move our panel outside of the inspector.
  • Ability to add custom meta tags (See image)
  • Ability to add custom ‘font-family’ fallbacks (See image)
Meta tags & Font-family fallbacks located in the plugin menu
  • Panel will now hide on ‘Presentation Mode’
  • Better support for Google Fonts
  • Sketch 45 Compatible



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