Creating a dynamic and responsive content in Sketch

Having a dynamic and responsive content is most of the time disregarded by other designers. We usually dwell with this issue once we encounter it at first hand. We normally just create a symbol, override them, and later learned that it doesn’t work for longer content overrides, like the one below.

And because of this, we now think of a solution we thought will work “aha! why don’t I just stretch the text so it will work” but still no solution found (see below)

Thus, I’ll be showing in this article how we can make our content dynamic and responsive at the same time using Sketch’s built-in resizing features.

As to solve our initial example, we need to go back to our symbols page and and fix our cards’ resizing feature.

  1. Expand the heading text box downwards to accommodate long headlines
  2. Pin the headline both left and top
  3. Pin body text both left and bottom
  4. Go back to instance, and you can adjust the card while maintaining its layout

And here is another example, a card with an icon:

  1. Redo the pins we did for headlines and body text
  2. Pin the icon both top and left
  3. And tick fix width and fix height

There are still a lot of design layout we can apply these solutions, and I hope this short article help you to start making your components a dynamic and responsive one :)

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