Design Tool — Sketch 3 Ready Reckoner

I have started using Sketch tool in late 2014, As adobe stopped updates/support for Fireworks. That time I was looking for a alternative which can fit into my workflow. So I came across this beautiful tool called SKETCH.

On the very first day, when I had downloaded the trial version and installed on my laptop, I became fan of this tool. Same day in the evening, I decided to look for some good tutorials, so I start hands on the tool. I have gone through 4–5 Hrs tutorial videos(twice) back-to-back that night. And got addicted to Sketch. After that on daily basis, I had started looking for more and more details about the Sketch tool resources/plugins/tutorials and many more useful insights. Today, after using it for more then a year, wanted to share QUICK READY RECKONER for all who wants to learn SKECTH Tool and want all resources at one place.

I will list out all links where you can find information related to Learning SKECTH APP — Best Design Tool Ever.

1. Sketch Tool Download Link

You can download Trial version of the latest SKETCH Design Tool

2. Best App Tutorial Links

I am sharing the same tutorial resource link, which has guided me for all basic knowledge for the SKETCH Tool. And this the best tutorial available online

3. Best Sketch Tool resource on the web

During my learning in past one year this place has helped me a lot w.r.t latest updated APP UI kits and other references. There are about 1725 resources, when I am writing this blog.

Link to the resource is

4. Best Plugins for your best design tool

Here is a list of few best plugins with the links to download.

Before downloading plugins — Download Sketch Tool A super simple plugin manager for Sketch

Artboard Tools
Aspect Ratio
Content Generator
Font Awesome
Cover Artboard
Social Artboards — facebook, twitter, linkedin all at one place
User Flows
Send to Slack

5. Mobile Preview on Android/Iphone

Sketch Mirror for IOS

For Preview on Android devices

Download SKALA PREVIEW APP on Skala Preview 2.0 OS X 10.8+

Download Skala View 2.0 for iOS

Download Skala View 2.0.2 for Android

Friends, I hope this will help you to start your learning experience for best design tool ever!!!