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4 min readFeb 4, 2020


Hi! 👋
In this post, you will find useful templates to help you create well-known design components, such as tables, buttons, mockups, and charts, as well as assists in setting up typography and grid for your next project in Sketch.

This collection is specially made for aspiring UI/UX designers and everyone interested in Sketch app basics functionalities in 2020.

Feel free to download, play, break, or use these bite-sized templates on your own design will.

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Smart Buttons

The template includes two types of buttons: with and without an icon, both made using advanced Sketch features, such as smart layout, library styles and overrides.

Buttons have an organized structure to let you quickly implement them into your project, which makes this file a perfect starting point to scale your designs onwards. 🚩

Table template

An effective approach to create tables in Sketch. 👌

The file presents a classy spreadsheet, made with a wily combination of symbols and styles to grant full control over its look and cell distribution.

Smart mockup

A powerful template to help customize device mockups quickly.

The presented workflow helps to keep your file clean from messy images and reduce project file size. You can also extend this approach by creating more mockups with the help of the Facebook device library.

Line chart

A simple line chart template — designed to provide the best possible stretching and color customization options for all of the chart elements.

Text Styles Bundle

A library to help you set up typography in Sketch.

The bundle includes two types of file:

  • Single font — have text styles to match a single font per document.
  • Font pair — have text styles to match two or more fonts per document.

To correctly use the bundle:

  1. Choose the document that suits your project needs better.
  2. Open the document, and overwrite the default style names, add additional or remove unnecessary ones.

I hope that Sketch will soon fix the Text styles, and we all have fewer styles to work with. I’ll update the bundle as soon as this happens. In meanwhile, consider using the Style Master plugin to manage and batch rename styles.

Layout Grids

A set of responsive grids predesigned for the most common screen sizes, including desktop, tablet, and mobile resolutions.

The document includes artboards with predefined ruler guides to help place your cool designs on a reliable foundation.


Tiny symbols that ensure consistency across your project elements.

Materials help to spread and sync universal library styles, such as shadows, colors, and border properties across all of the project elements.

Here is a quick installation guide:

  1. Copy the contents of the Symbols page.
  2. Paste it into an existing library, or save the file as a library.
  3. Add Material symbols into existing components by nesting them at the bottom of the layers to form the basement.
  4. Enjoy predictable overrides for your symbols.

Thanks for reading! ✌️

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