Good design is invisible

Hello beautiful reader. Today I want to say only a few words about a tiny difference between good and bad design.

I visited my home country last week and I was looking for a parking house in the city centre. I found one and I saw the following sing inside the building.

Colour always matters in design

If you don't speak Czech I have a question for you. What do you think that the sign is trying to say? Note that I'm in a parking house.

“Volno” in Czech means “free”. Shocking, isn't it. To be honest with you I didn't actually noticed anything weird about the sign at the first sight. I was thinking a little bit about it later on and I thought to myself: those who doesn't speak Czech probably think that the parking house is full.

What a pity! There were dozens of free parking places inside!

Good design is invisible. Bad design is everywhere …

Design is actually a language and good design should be understandable for (more or less) all. Whenever you design anything try to see things as a stranger with one and only attempt to understand the message.

Sometimes (very often to be honest) there is only a very tiny difference between good and bad design. In this case it is the colour. I'm sure that if the sign “volno” were in green colour everybody would interpret it in a correct way.

All I want to say is: Mind your colours and make your design “language-proof”.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to add your two cents in the comment section.

Bye bye!