How to build Responsive Material text field without Plugins in sketch

I had challenge to build google material text field responsive without using any plugin.

lets start!

First we will start by building the top text with the Top line

Add text then draw a line then mask them with mask with some margin to the left and right

Add to resizing properties the following layers

Top line:

Text layer:


Group all the layers in group name Top Text with resizing property

Now create symbol instance and check if it is responsive or not and add some text in the overrides to check if it responsive or not

Well Done!

Next step to create the frame

we will create the frame in 3 parts the sides and bottom and we already have the top bar

Left line layer:

Right line layer

bottom line layer

Now lets make the resizing proparites

for bottom line layer:

for Left line layer:

for Right Line Layer:

Group the 3 layers in Group with name field frame with resizing property

and now add your Text Field text:

with resizing property

and now Try it!

Coool Ha!

get the demo file from here

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