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Introducing Padding in Sketch with Anima

Stacks Gets Upgrades Too

How Do I Use It?

  • Group a Text layer with a background Rect.
  • Click the Padding icon.
  • Adjust the distance you’d like that background Rectangle to keep from the text.
  • Edit the values to see it in action.

Padding Controls

  • Click below the Padding input to toggle modes (See gif).
  • Click & Drag a label to adjust the Padding values (See gif).

Symbols — Padding Overrides

  • Select the Padding group and click Create Symbol.
  • Change the text value using Overrides to see the Padding applying in real-time.
  • It will also resizes the Symbol instance.

Padding + Stacks = 💥

  • Stack some groups with Padding.
  • Adjust the Padding of the Padding Group to see how it works.
  • Advanced: Create a Symbol from that Stack and edit Overrides.
  • Advanced 2: Add a background with padding to the whole Stack.

Padding + Pins

  • Create a group with Padding.
  • Pin it to the right of the Artboard.
  • Edit content to see it in action.

Padding Limitations

Stack Upgrades

Symbol Resizing

Negative Spacing

Scrubbing Spacing

As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback!



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