Introducing Sketch Focus

Boosting your productivity by keeping you on-task

Sketch Focus Introductory Video

What is it?

Sketch Focus is a new plugin for Sketch 3.8+ that allows you to enhance your workflow and become more productive by keeping you on-task. Fundamentally, it lets you add notes and tasks, collectively referred to as items, to your Sketch documents.

A good way to think about it is as a small task manager or todo app integrated straight into Sketch. You can create, edit and delete items as per usual, but the real productivity-boost comes from linking specific layers to your items and ‘jumping’ directly to them. In addition, applying advanced real-time filters to show only items related to layers that are currently selected or visible in your viewport, is the key to help you focus (pun intended) on what’s important.

The motivation behind the plugin

While working on design projects, especially the larger ones, we often found it tedious to keep track of tasks and what we needed to do next. This was even more problematic when using multiple documents as we needed to know which tasks related to which document. Sometimes we wanted to add notes or comments to specific layers and artboards to remember an idea, for example, but we could never find an easily maintainable way of doing so that wouldn’t add any extra ‘metadata’ layers or pages, even after searching online for hours.

Without a better solution, we resorted to using todo apps like Wunderlist. While these are really great for general todos, the huge downside however is that this felt very disconnected and we’d end up writing long description just to refer to specific parts of our documents. The inconvenience of course continued in Sketch when trying to find the parts of the documents our todos were referring to. All in all, it was inefficient and we wanted a faster, more streamlined way to do this that would still keep our documents clean.

The Original Sketch Comments Plugin

Thinking back, I first had the idea of adding notes to Sketch documents almost two years ago when I developed Sketch Comments, my first Sketch plugin. Although good at the time, it was very basic and cumbersome to use. Ever since then, I always wanted to make it better and so I kept it in the back of my mind, hoping that one day I’d find the time to develop a new version of it. Without a question, my original idea was gradually enhanced by inspiration from the many todo apps out there but also by some ideas that emerged at the Designtools Hackday at Precious Design Studio in Hamburg.

With a strong interest in developing plugins with complex UIs and real-time communication with Sketch, I recently discovered a method I was happy with and thought it’d be perfect for Sketch Focus. That’s when I joined forces with my brother Kamil and after an intense 21 day ‘hackathon’ the plugin was born.

How do you use it?

The best way is to hop over to our homepage where you’ll find many GIFs and videos as well as instructions for each particular feature. If you need any help, be sure to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

What’s next

Even though Sketch Focus has just been released, we already have a whole list of ideas that will make it even more useful for you. We’re still thinking hard about what we should add in the next version—maybe drop us a line with a suggestion or two and keep your eyes peeled on our twitter page for the latest updates.

Get started now

Download Sketch Focus | Be sure to recommend it if you like it ;)

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Post by Lukas @ Sketch Focus

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