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Localize product interface faster

Learn how to synchronize content between Sketch, Crowdin, and your repository and give translators sufficient context for great translations.

Crowdin plugin for Sketch — Old and New Use Cases

  • (New) Get production-ready texts from the Crowdin project and use them in your designs.
  • (New) Add new source strings and send them to Crowdin for translation.
  • (New) Upload tagged screenshots to your Crowdin project for translators’ reference.
  • (New) Keep source texts in sync and integrate updates to source files and ready transitions into the product code via Crowdin API, CLI, or integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure Repos.
  • Quickly generate multi-language creative assets like social media graphics, posters, blog visuals, and more.
  • Translate mockups and test them in different languages before the programming starts.

Prototype with real words

Update source files on the repository right within Sketch

Customize the translated mockups

Make sure translators have sufficient context

Build a continuous localization cycle and collaborate across teams

  • Source texts are uploaded to Crowdin either by marketing or development teams.
  • Designers use ready source texts in their prototypes. Add new strings if necessary.
  • Translators working on Crowdin can see the screenshots that were sent from Sketch and provide better translations.
  • Once translations are ready, the mockups can be tested in different languages directly in Sketch.
  • The content is kept in sync between Sketch, Crowdin, and the version control system your team uses.

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