Logo design in Sketch

We are talking about the Sketch app for Mac

I have stumbled across a question whether it is a good idea to use Sketch for logo design or not. Yes, it is! That was my short response to the question. Today I want to go a little bit deeper.

Use a tool that suits you best and doesn't restrain your creativity.

Let me derive the original question into five sub-questions that help us discuss the whole topic more.

  1. Is it possible to create a professional logo in Sketch?
  2. Is Sketch an industrial standard for a logo creation?
  3. Is Sketch a good tool for a logo design process?
  4. What are pros and cons of using Sketch for logo design?
  5. Would you recommend to use Sketch for a newbie in logo design?

Yes, it is! Sketch is a tool that enables you to create vectors, outline your type and export your design in various formats (pdf, svg, png, jpg, eps …). And this is just enough to create and generate professional logo.

No, it isn't. The industrial standard is to use the Adobe products. It means that if your client wants to deliver an ai format you cannot do it in Sketch. But it doesn't mean that you are not allowed to use Sketch during the creation of your logo.

Yes, it is! I use Sketch for all my logo projects and my Sketch file is always the core of the whole process. What I really like about using it is that you can have all the necessary documents and supplementary materials in one document.

I am using Pages in Sketch to organise all the information needed — a brief, key words, references, … , a presentation. I really like to have all the things in one document — it's fast, it's organised, it tracks the whole history of the process and it just looks good and feels right.

Let me start with the cons:

  • Sketch isn’t a tool for a print design.
  • That means that you cannot export your design in CMYK colours.
  • Sketch is not as robust as Illustrator. It means that simply doesn't have as many features and tools as Illustrator has.
  • Sketch is not an industrial standard.
  • You need to do the kerning manually (which is actually a good thing and training :-) ).
  • You cannot use psd mock-ups in Sketch.

Let's move to the pros for this moment:

  • Sketch is very intuitive.
  • You don't have to switch your tool all the time (as in Illustrator).
  • It is really easy to start working with Sketch without following long tutorials and finding the right tool for the right action. Even for newbies.
  • Everything is organised in a smart way. You don't have to think about how to use the tool, it works exactly as you expect. You can simply let you creativity flow.
  • You cannot use psd-mockups however, you can use the Magic mirror to create perspective images in Sketch.
  • The prize of the product is very decent.

Yes, I would. I would say that it could be a little bit discouraging to use Illustrator as a newbie. The tool is powerful but it takes time to become familiar with it. With Sketch it is completely different. You can start playing around right away. You simply open it and you feel that you know what to do. You will learn many hacks that speed-up your work flow on the fly.

In my next post I will show how I designed a logo for my own side project in Sketch.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to comment or give it a like if you find it useful. See you very soon. Bye, bye!


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Design + Sketch

The best collection of articles, tips, tutorials, and stories on designing and prototyping with Sketch and beyond