A free frontend design framework for Sketch.

Let me introduce a new, small and lean design framework which should help to prototype and design websites within one day.


While UI-Kits have predefined elements, colors, dimensions and so on, the Oneday framework could be used as a fresh base for new projects. In the release version, I tried to keep things as simple as possible but also create a set of powerful elements to fast design beautiful websites with Sketch. All elements are organized within the powerful symbol structure of Sketch.

Combine the symbols — Play with the styles!

In the next couple of weeks/months new elements will be added and existing elements will be updated. The tutorial section will be filled with some articles to show, how elements and the framework could be used efficiently.

Examples of used elements.

Buttons standard.

Buttons with different dimensions.

Card layout with shadow.

Card layout horizontal and vertical.

Form light background.

Form dark background.

Tabbed navigation.

Tabs with different dimensions.

Just download it, it’s free.

Thanks to the people of Sketch App for such a powerful tool. Thank you!

If you have any feedback, I’ll be happy to hear about!

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