Padding in Sketch with Anima Toolkit — Coming Soon

Anima Toolkit is a Sketch Plugin for creating live web pages. It also allows you to use Stacks & Pins for responsive layout, right inside Sketch.

One of our most requested features, especially with Paddy 2 discontinued, is to allow Padding. Padding means that when you change the content, the background changes dynamically with it.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you create a button, and it has a background Rectangle behind its icon and text. If you set your button padding for 10px, the Rectangle size will adjust to always be 10 pixels from the button content.

And Symbols are also supported.

Plays with Others

If you’re using Stacks or Pins, you’re able to combine them with Padding. With Stacks, padding will push other layers as is expands. With Pins, for example, you can pin a group to the right, and it’ll stay put while the content & background grows. This trick saves a ton of duplicated work.

Stay Tuned

If you already installed Anima Toolkit plugin, you’ll see an update through Sketch once the new version is available for everyone.

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❤️ Anima team