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Sketch 55 — How it speeds up your workflow

Sketch creators work even faster on improving the next releases of the app. This is great because thanks to the new features and improvements, we can also work more efficiently.

Let’s see what is new with the latest release and how we can benefit from updates:


Major improvements and new features of Sketch 55:

  • Smart Distribute — quickly adjust the spacing of multiple layers in a column or a row
  • Layers from SVG Code — Copy SVG code and paste it into the Sketch. The new shapes will be created from that code
  • Snapping improvements — New Symbols, arrows, lines and layers snap to grid better
  • Speed improvements — copying and pasting between documents is faster
  • Snapping improvements — Layers snap to the rotated text

OK, let dive into the details. Let’s launch the newest version of Sketch, grab the mug of your favorite coffee, and let’s discover how our workflow is now improved!

🎚️ How to Use Smart Distribute

The new feature is incredibly intuitive. You will quickly forget that earlier versions of Sketch didn’t have it ;)

Select layers or groups distributed in a column (or a row). You will notice the new handle. Start dragging it — you will get instant information about the distance. Sketch will distribute all objects evenly even if the spacing was different earlier.

Smart Distribute in action!

Alternative usage: When layers are selected, you will notice the new section in the right panel of Sketch. You can enter the distance manually. Sketch will distribute selected elements for you automatically.

Take a look at “Spacing” Section

How Smart Distribute will improve your workflow

Distributing elements in earlier releases of Sketch was quite convenient, but now it will be super fast!

I am sure that you will use it for all of the mockups, including lists, form elements, tab bars, menu items, or tables.

Speaking of tables — Sketch helps you to distribute elements selected within a column OR row. I hope that the next update will allow us to diatribe commons AND rows in one time — thanks to this modifying and adjusting table size will be a real pleasure! ;)

🧬 How to Create Layers from SVG Code

This is a really cool feature — no more downloading asset and pasting SVG file to Sketch manually.

Some websites (like allow you to display SVG Code. Select it, copy and paste in Sketch. You will instantly see the desired group of layers. Voila!

If the website does not allow you to see SVG Code directly — select the SVG image, right-click to open the context menu and choose the option “View Page Source.”

This improvement has no UI but will definitely speed up a workflow or everyone who is using SVG resources from the web.

Copy & Paste SVG Code!

🖨️ BONUS: Export Artboards for Print

This feature is not part of the Sketch 55 update. However, it is possible with the official plugin — Print Export.

To export artboards for print:
1. Open the document with artboards you want to print
2. Go to “Plugins” -> “Print Export.”
3. Choose the needed options and click “Export.”

Printable PDF in Sketch!

If you are like me, you probably use Sketch for the majority of digital design work. Ability to prepare files for print directly in Sketch is a great feature!

To conclude

I really like the Smart Distribute options. Even after a few moments of using the new features has ensured me that the Sketch Team has done great work that helps us to design better. I am thrilled to see what the future will bring soon ;)

By the way…

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You can also Create User Flows faster in Sketch — With SQUID you can create User Flows directly in Sketch the sketch file with your artboards. Everything may be done within a couple of clicks. See how it works.

Thanks for reading!

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