Sketch 57 — New improvements to your workflow

Aug 14, 2019 · 4 min read

The way Sketch Team releases the new version of the tool is great. Making incremental improvements, let us quickly acknowledge with new features and delight ourselves with speed improvements. Sketch 57 introduced a new feature that I enjoyed a lot — working with items collected in grids & lists is now a real pleasure!

First, let’s see what is new, improved, in Sketch 57:

  • Reorder layers in a Smart Distribute selection — reorder elements that have even spacing between them.
  • Better Boolean Operations — sometimes some strange things were happening here, but now it should be fine!
  • Own headings for Solid & Gradient Color Popover
  • Visual improvements to Rotate tool
  • Copy & Paste rich-text
  • Changed shortcuts — Send Backward is now ⌘ [, and Bring Forward is ⌘]. Send to Back is now ⌘ ⌥ [ and Bring to Front is ⌘ ⌥ ].
  • Speed improvements (scrolling lists and grids).
  • Option Customize default layer style moved to new location

OK, now let’s see how to use the most important new features:

How to use Smart Distribute Reordering

This is my favorite feature of this update. Select multiple items that are evenly distributed in a row or column (if they are not, use “Tidy” button). Now, you will notice a new handle “circle” in the center of a specific element. Click and hold, now you can drag it between other elements. This way you can reorder all lists and grids quickly.

See how it works:

Reordering is now a real pleasure

How to Copy & Paste Rich Text

Now you can quickly paste rich text in Sketch. You can do this by choosing “Paste as Rich Text” in the “Edit” menu.

Tiny, but useful!

How to Set a New Default Layer Style

To make a New Default Layer Style, select a Layer and open “Layer” menu, go to “Style.” At the end of the options, you will notice a new option: “Set as Default Style.”

No more grey boxes! 😉

To conclude

Quick incremental updates with noticeable improvements. As I mentioned, it is an excellent strategy because it lets us play around new features. I am sure that thanks to the reordering with Smart Distribute, we will boost our workflow when we work with lists & grids.

By the way…

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Thanks for reading!

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The best collection of articles, tips, tutorials, and stories on designing and prototyping with Sketch and beyond