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Sketch 71 — Real-Time Collaboration is here!

It’s been a long time… but finally, waiting is over!

Mar 23 · 4 min read
  • 🗄 Linked Data — If your layers will be named like JSON keys of your file with data (added to Sketch as data source). You may use Linked Data feature to automatically fill them with necessary content.

Who can use Real-Time Collaboration in Sketch?

The first thing you have to ensure is a valid Sketch account and software version. Obviously, Real-Time Collaboration is mostly needed for Teams. Lone-wolves do not have to work with other designers so often.

How the Collaboration Looks like?

Sketch Real-Time Collaboration is very smooth and natural. Sketch Team spent countless hours of time to make sure that it will work and feel right.

How Sketch Real-Time Collaboration looks like.
How Sketch Real-Time Collaboration looks like.
Image from

Saving the documents

During the Real-Time Collaboration, you always see the most up-to-date version of your document.

How to use it in practice

While it is hard to imagine that in Real-Time Collaboration will be used to design one mockup by two or three designers in just one moment 🤪, it will have plenty of practical usages:

  • Design Reviews — If you have a routine of reviewing created mockups together, now it will be much easier with Real-Time Collaboration. Team members will be able to select specific elements and fix potential issues live together.
  • Design Thinking Sessions & Brain-storming– Sketch may be used now as the board for the remote workshops where you solve real problems with your team using creative frameworks.

One more thing for Sketch users…

It feels like Sketch 71 is a new chapter for Sketch as a design tool. It is a very positive coincidence that in the same week I also published a huge new version of Prime Design Starter Kit. Version 3.0 includes even over 2000+ components and more smart techniques for Mobile & Web. The kit is now a set of 7 libraries! 💪

Prime 3.0 intro

To conclude

Real-Time Collaboration is a completely new chapter for working together in Sketch. Personally, I love it, because, in the time of remote-working, it simplifies processes a lot.

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