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Sketch hacks: Make a Resizable button with Icon & Label, totally native edition

A button, with an icon and label, both floating in the center. Simple enough, but only with the right hacks.

A native solution

1. Create the “Button” symbol, inverted at first: add an icon (on the right) and text label (on the left).

2. Group icon and label. Rotate the label group 180° (it will be upside down)

3. Rotate both text label and icon layers 180°, individually. Now it looks right.

4. Set resizing and alignment to each layer and group exactly as shown:

5. Turn the Group into a symbol (we’re naming ours Label-with-icon). Keep the group folder in there (we renamed ours Alignment Container)

6. Back to the “Button” symbol, stretch the “Label-with-icon” so its width is the same as the button.

And that’s it!




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