Sketch Runner Components Browser: Get back in control of your design

Use and manage your symbols and styles with a grid of thumbnails in a dedicated window.

Roy van Rooijen
Jun 10 · 4 min read
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Introducing: Components Browser

No matter if you’re designing just by yourself or you’re working in a big team, we all use symbols and styles to make our designs more consistent and easier to work with. They are the essential building blocks of our work.

Today we release Components Browser. A dedicated window with the power of Runner Search, that makes it easier to use and manage all your symbols and styles.

A grid of thumbnails

We added the power of Runner Search to a dedicated window with a visual overview of all your symbols and styles.

Search through all Symbols at the same time, or filter for a Library. You can even drill down to a group, and visually explore, or search for a keyword.

Every component type has its own tab. Hit the tab key to switch between Symbols, Layer Styles, and Text Styles. Find what you need, and drag-and-drop it onto the canvas.

11 reasons why Components Browser will boost your design workflow

  • Bigger previews to find what you’re looking for
  • Scroll to visually discover all your components
  • Keep the window open and access any component at any time
  • Jump to a symbol to edit it
  • Filter your search and make big documents manageable again
  • Drag one or multiple symbols or styles onto the canvas at once
  • Batch rename a group of component names
  • Reorganize visually by dragging components onto a group in the sidebar
  • Keep your layer list visible
  • Add descriptions to sections
  • And it’s all just a simple shortcut away

Position the Components Browser the way you like

There are many modes and contexts of working. Depending on the task and your device setup, you can use the Browser in full screen, or not. Here is some inspiration on what works great for different situations:

Pro tip: You can use an iPad as an external display with Sidecar. It works great for a secondary display with a mobile set up!

Now available in Public Beta

We have worked closely with a group of private beta testers for several months now. And it’s time to make it available for all of you.

We released Components Browser as a Beta feature with the latest Runner v1.1 update. In case you run into something not working flawlessly with Components Browser, it will not affect your experience with the rest of Runner.

We have reset all trials. So even if you tried Runner Pro before and did not get a Pro account yet, you can still give Components Browser a shot.

Try Components Browser 14 days for free

Components Browser and all other Runner Pro features are unlocked in the free trial. There is no credit card required up front, and the plugin automatically falls back to a reduced feature set when you don’t end up upgrading.

Up to 30% off during the beta

Until we launch Components Browser publicly, you can get a license with a great discount. It’s a one-time purchase. So give it a spin, and take the time to evaluate if it is the right solution for your workflow.

Discover more and try out the beta, get it at →!

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