Sketch Runner v0.9: Install plugins 🔌

Roy van Rooijen
Mar 20, 2017 · 2 min read

We’re happy to announce v0.9 of Runner! This update is packed with improvements, fixes and some exciting new features. 🥁

We also launched our new Medium Series Sketch Runner: Tips and Tricks. Check it out! (Only available in the Medium iOS and Android app currently)

1. Install 🔌

We’re introducing a new command. Now you can browse, install, update and uninstall plugins right inside Runner. Just search for a plugin name or GitHub username.

  • Install:
  • Open plugin homepage
  • Unistall:

You can also see all available updates and choose which to download or download all of them in one go!

Demo video of the new Install command

The plugins are taken from the Official Sketch Plugin Directory. Results are ordered by number of GitHub stars. You can also see if the plugin includes Runner support. It will have a little badge!

2. Ignore specific symbols 🙈

Since nested symbols are a thing, some of them might only make sense as an element of a bigger component. Therefore, it would be nice to exclude certain lower level symbols from popping up in Runner.

Ignoring symbols: requested by Adrián Mato on Twitter.

Now you can prepend or append one or multiple characters to the name of a symbol to exclude them from the search results. Just set your preference in the new settings window and these symbols won’t clutter your search results in Runner anymore.

3. Hide the commands bar 👀

As you see in the video at 1. Install, you can now hide the commands bar. Check it out in the new settings window!

4. Insert improvements

  1. Replace any layer with a symbol using
  2. With a symbol selected in your document, launching the command will show the selected symbol in the list. This makes it easy to insert a different state or other similarly named symbol.
We were amazed by this detailed feature request 😇

Go go go!

Download the update from inside Runner or via and don’t forget to save your documents before installing 🏃‍♀️

As always, if you have any feedback let us know via Twitter or!

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