Sketch tip: What’s new in Sketch 3.4

by Christian Krammer from

Sketch 3.4 has created quite some noise on web. Not because of new features but due to its, let’s say “lack of quality control”. Luckily most of the bugs should have been fixed by now so that we can finally enjoy the improvements Sketch brought to our desktops. I don’t want to replicate all the new features here, because some hardworking people have already shared the news here and here. Thanks guys!

Some of the most notable features for me are:

  1. You can now use the Layers List to measure distances. Select a layer on the canvas, press alt, hover over another layer in the Layers List and the distance is shown.
  2. Also, if you hold down cmd and alt together you can measure distance into layer groups. Before it was quite hard to catch the right layer when it was burried three levels deep in a group.
  3. Improved copy and paste: Most of the time when you copy and paste some content you want it to happen somewhere in close proximity to the currently selected layer and not somewhere in the layer nirvana. Now, when you press cmd + V to paste content it happens at the top of the same level you are currently in (mostly relevant if you are in a layer group).
  4. Secondly, if you want to paste multiple layers at the position of the currently selected layer or group with cmd + shift + V, they are not shoved into the top left corner anymore but keep their original spacing. Now you can also right click onto a layer in the Layers List and select “Paste Over” to replicate the same behavior.
  5. Plugin management: Now you can manage plugins easily in Sketch. Just click on “Plugins > Manage Plugins” in the menu bar to get a list of the currently selected plugins and on “Get Plugins…” there to discover new ones.
  6. New gradient behavior: If you add a gradient the first of its color stops is based on the currently selected color, which speeds up the creation of new gradients immensely.
  7. Export previews now show transparent areas, because, you know, exported artboards don’t have a white background as supposed.

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