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Jul 10, 2019 · 3 min read

Say Hello 👋 to Slice Design 🎉 🥁 We’re excited to introduce Slice — our newest Modular Design System for web and mobile with over 760+ components to boost your daily workflow.

We have put all of our efforts and expertise to create a truly outstanding design product that we hope every designer would love to use.

With Slice, you can swiftly design stunning websites and apps, while taking into account the most stringent requirements for design system organization, best UX patterns, beautiful and comfortable styles, and much more.

Our goal was to create a versatile product to empower both experts and beginners to design better!

And guess what? It’s not only for Sketch. 😉

Slice is made into a bridge to sync the workflow between some of the best design tools. With both Sketch and Figma files, perfectly baked and sliced into separate user interface Libraries to enhance your workflow with a modular approach.

We have created each Library to provide a sustainable set of elements that can be used on their own or in combination with other parts of the system.

Slice includes the following files:

  • Core — the heart of the system that stores up colors, text styles, grids, and other design rules.
  • Controls — the primary UI Library. With buttons, inputs, and everything else you need to operate a user interface.
  • Navigation — a perfect starting point to create flexible navigations and guide your users across websites and apps.
  • Cards — a versatile set of tools to let you create complex and beautiful layouts for e-commerce, dashboard, landing pages, or blogs.

Slice — a modular design system shaped from separate Libraries to unify design with a consistent set of rules.

5 reasons that make Slice special. 🖐️

  • With Slice, it’s much easier to create and organize complex design systems, scale your ongoing projects, and save cost on both design and code.
  • Sketch+Figma. Regardless of your tool, you can always count on having a single sustainable asset collection.
  • Eliminates the need to start every project from scratch and provides you with dark and light color themes.
  • The system is carefully designed to meet modern practices for design and development.
  • All components are made to fit within any screen size and are available in multiple sizes and states, which makes it perfect for both Web and Mobile projects.

If you or your team is thinking of creating a design system we’ll be happy to guide you! Don’t hesitate to reach out. 📩

Made with Slice

These examples were made with the Slice libraries and the manual customization of some components. You can easily replicate this to achieve outstanding results.

Check out the power of Slice for yourself, visit — where you can download a free core version 🚀

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