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Artboards and Symbols are not enough

States of the artboard — Sketch Plugin

“Is there an equivalent to Layer Comps in Sketch?”

“Unfortunately there is nothing quite like Layer Comps for Sketch”

“I guess the only way is to use artboards…”

Create different states and switch between them easily. Just like layer comps for Sketch.

Install the plugin

Open it from the “Plugins” menu and this panel will appear.

Select artboard

You’ll see the initial state. It’s the one that can never be deleted. Create new State.

Change positions and toggle visibility of layers

Create new states and update changes, don’t just leave to another state before committing changes. Stay in control.

Yo where you going? No changes?

Here comes the fun part

Use the states as new artboards on a new page.

What’s next?

Download States



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