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Text Fills in Sketch

A while back, a buddy released a new album. While the music is great, the nerd in me equally enjoyed the website. It’s filled with amazing art and type design, including this header/logo/treatment thing you see below:

A great example of the effect we’re about to create in Sketch

I wrote an article the other day about seamless patterns in Sketch. A helpful commenter pointed out that not only can you use Craft to fill shapes, but that it worked on text layers as well. Color me surprised.

Filling a text layer with an image turned out to be pretty dang simple, so here’s a GIF of that in action. Using the Photos panel, picking and filling with an image is just a few taps away.

Testing out lots of images before you decide? Pointed at a folder full of images, Craft will shuffle in a new image with every click. Of course, it works with more than just patterns. Any image will work:

If you’d like to play around with the effect, grab Craft from the InVision Labs site. It’s free, and it’s awesome.



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