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How to Make an Awesome Logo for Your Startup in Sketch

The Sportzify logo we will be building today. By now you already have a general idea of what they do.
The Sketch Website. The beautiful diamond logo is made by Sketch, in Sketch, for Sketch!
The Yelp and Zomato logos are copyright of their respective trademark owners.
The Noun Project Mac App allows you to simply drag and drop an icon that you would like to use.
More specific searches for nouns and verbs around our core theme.
A running icon and a heart icon.
Take a moment to notice the other tools available. Behind this simplicity lies an infite number of things you can make.
Our blank canvas is ready. It’s always daunting at this point.
Take a moment to inspect the layers in the left sidebar. Notice how they are built using more primitive shapes.
You can use the right sidebar to make one of the icons white. You can also move the layers up and down using the heirarchy on the left.
As soon as I had a shape that I fell in love with, I knew we had something.
Use the subtract tool to merge the different shapes into one single shape that is now our icon.
A simple gradient overlay can give a beautiful effect to the icon.
Pairing the logo with the name for use in contexts like the homepage.
Quickly build a set of variations for use in different contexts.
A mockup of the logo in context on the website.




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