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Useful Sketch Plugins

Megumi Tanaka
Dec 16, 2015 · 4 min read
Easily search for and install plugins with Sketch Toolbox

Sketch is already pretty awesome, but these plugins can make it even better. Be sure to download Sketch Toolbox to manage installation. While you can install plugins manually by downloading them from GitHub, that’s at least a 5-click process. Sketch Toolbox reduces that to 1.

Sketch Measure plugin creates annotations

Annotate your designs with distance between elements, margin/padding, width/height, font size, color, and absolute coordinates. Like Specctr but better, faster, and easier.

Sketch Notebook creates annotations on the side of your artboard.

Sometimes you want to write long notes on a doc and export that to a PDF.

How to use it: Select a layer, then go to Plugins > Notebook > Add Comment and type a title and comment. Be sure your element is inside an artboard first.

Creates dummy user data, including names, photos, geo data, phone, email, and placeholder text and imagery.

How to use it: Select a rectangle or text layer, then go to Plugins > Content Generator and choose the type of data you want.

Fill any layer with Instagram photos. Credit to @hail_clover

Fills elements with Instagram photos from your feed or popular photos. I really like how you can choose any of your friend’s photos or your own. Plus, you can choose to fill the layer with an image, which gives you the flexibility to hide/show and layer with other fills.

How to use it: With an element selected, go to Plugins > SketchSquares > Load Instagram Photos. The first time, you’ll need to authenticate your Instagram account.

Lines from Arrested Development instead of Lorem Ipsum. You can specify number of sentences or words, so you never end up with a paragraph that’s too long. Plus, these are actual lines from the show, so the sentences make sense!

How to use it: Create a new text layer. With the layer selected but not actively editing, go to Plugins > Bluth Ipsum.

Cat words. No frills. One size fits all.

Sketch Guides brings the functionality of Photoshop’s “View > New Guide” feature

Allows you to create new guides with precision by entering pixels in a dialog box.

When you have too many layers without layer styles, this tool can help you clean them up.

How to use it: Select a layer with the fill color you want to isolate. Go to Plugins > Select Layers By Color. If you want to add a common layer style to all of them at once, you can easily do so from the Inspector on the right hand side.

Sketch Style Inventory makes a style guide out of every color and font you’ve used in your doc.

After you’ve finished a design, this plugin is super useful for sharing specs and font styles with others. You can generate for the entire page or for a selection of specific elements. I prefer the entire page, since it’ll grab all the styles you’re using.

How to use it: First, make sure all of your text layers have a Text Style applied. This plugin will not generate styles for those with “No Text Style” when you select them. To generate the Style Guide, click outside of an artboard and go to Plugins > Sketch Style Inventory > Inventory > Generate.

If your Text Styles artboard is too short, simply unlock the Background layer and resize it along with the artboard.

This plugin generates color swatches based on hex codes inputted into this dialog. It creates a new page for your colors, with editable names, hex codes, and RGB values that can easily be exported to PDF.

If any of your plugins stop working, simply open up Sketch Toolbox, uninstall them, and re-install them.

Let me know! Email me at design@megumi.co with suggestions.

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