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What’s in my Toolbox?

Useful Sketch Plugins

Easily search for and install plugins with Sketch Toolbox

Sketch Measure by utom

Sketch Measure plugin creates annotations

Sketch Notebook by marcosvidal

Sketch Notebook creates annotations on the side of your artboard.

Content Generator by timuric

SketchSquares by abynim

Fill any layer with Instagram photos. Credit to @hail_clover

Bluth Ipsum by LigCreative

Cat Ipsum by mamuso

Sketch Guides by petehouston

Sketch Guides brings the functionality of Photoshop’s “View > New Guide” feature

Select Layers By Color by getflourish

Sketch Style Inventory by getflourish

Sketch Style Inventory makes a style guide out of every color and font you’ve used in your doc.
If your Text Styles artboard is too short, simply unlock the Background layer and resize it along with the artboard.

Swatches by jodyheavener

Plugin Troubleshooting

Did I miss an awesome plugin?



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