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Sebastien Gabriel
Dec 14, 2014 · 15 min read
A Preview of Sketch artboards, by Jean-Marc denis.
A snapshot of my Sketch tutorial 01 showing the vector UI.
Snapshot of my freebie, “Sketch icons”
Screenshot of the sketch UI, displaying one of Philippe’s project.

“It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing to add but nothing to be removed”.

Smartphones connected humans via touch. Skeuomorphism was a necessary evolution to support this change and make it more natural. We know buttons, textures and how people interact with them. Now that users are familiarized with these metaphors, it is easier to remove visual effects to focus on what matters, the content.

What’s interesting is what’s in the middle, the “clever” design based on educated decisions that works regardless of trendy words.

I think design is cyclical, like a lot of things. It evolves following strong reactions opposing the established trend.

By positioning yourself in the middle, watching, analyzing, taking the good and avoiding the bad, design “evolves” instead of being “revolutionized”. An admittedly less sexy idea but considerably more constructive.

Is Sketch an answer to these technical (Responsive Design) and esthetic evolutions (Flat Design) ?

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.Sketch App

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