Organising Sketch for iOS

Updated Sketch 3 workflow for iOS development

Timur Nurutdinov
Feb 3, 2015 · 9 min read
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Use pages in one document

UIKit + Plugin approach VS Symbols in Sketch 3

Flatten images as much as you can

⌘ key will instantly shows sizes you need in case of Flatten Image

Switch blur layers off

Hierarchy of pages

Design at @1x.

Starting work with UIKit

Predefined kits

3. Symbol as a brick

Don’t forget to use slash (/) in name to compose states of the symbols

Symbols to control states

Naming in symbols

Don’t forget to exclude text Value from Symbol

Frequently used symbols

Don’t include right actions in symbols
To change an icon — replace two and all screens are updated

4. Export for everyone’s needs

Containers is a grid system for icons

Designers should understand which parts of the app are sliced and have an ability to apply changes with no extra developer work.

Slices for icons

Don’t forget to put a tick for Export Group Content Only feature

Export obviously

Developers should have an obvious way to understand where to find an icon and its container.

Export in symbols

Export App Store Screenshots


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