.Sketch App Plugins

A collection of the best plugins.

@3x Plugin

By bomberstudios

This Script by Ale Muñoz adds 3x to any slice that already have 1x and 2x scales applied. Perfect for when you’re going back to update your old projects to the new screen resolution of the iPhone 6 Plus.
Download Here!

Dynamic Button

By ddwht

Dynamic button plug-in for Sketch.app allows to create buttons with fixed paddings no matter what text you add.
Download Here!

My Sketch Colors

By Ray

Color preset in Sketch app
Download Here!

Sketch to App Store Plugin

By Cluster Labs

One of the biggest features of Sketch is our export tool, designed to provide an easy (and the fastest) way to export lots of assets at once, to multiple formats and sizes.

This plugin takes advantage of our export tool to provide you the artwork required by Apple to promote your application on their iTunes App Store with as few clicks as possible. It’s fantastic!
Download Here!

Sketch Notebook

By Marcos Vidal

One of the most requested features nowadays is a way to annotate a design in Sketch. In other words, a notes feature.

While we’re working on a solution for this, Marcos Vidal developed this wonderful plugin. It creates a sidebar on the right of your document and allows you to document specific parts of your design in an clean and objective way.
Download Here!

Sketch Symbols

By Tisho Georgiev

Symbols functionality by automatically syncing changes between layer groups named in a particular way. As an added bonus, you can mark certain text layers in your symbols as dynamic and have their styles replicated, but not their content.
Download Here!

Rename It!

By Rodrigo Soares

Rename It is a Sketch plugin to rename layers like a boss. It’s a port of the awesome photoshop plugin called Renamy.
Download Here!

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