Game Changing Plugins for Sketch 3

Now you can animate directly in Sketch and navigate to any artboard in less than 10 seconds.

The ease-of-use and increase in workflow efficiency these two plugins bring to Sketch is mind blowing.


AnimateMate from Creatide is the ultimate Sketch workflow tool for Interaction Designers and Hobbyists. The new plugin is still in beta and clearly holds an enormous amount of potential for greater interactivity in Sketch.

“AnimateMate was made for creating simple animations at least for now, we’ll see how it’ll develop in the future…” — Creatide
A blinking cursor created directly in Sketch in about 30 seconds.

After just a day of experimentation, here’s what I can tell you… AnimateMate elegantly eliminates the need to move from Sketch into another application or program in order to animate a simple idea or concept. Comprehension of basic animation concepts, terminology, and features will likely increase your production speed and range of output.

AnimateMate, by Creatide

Sketch Navigator

Sketch Navigator will transform the way you move around a Sketch document. Let’s say you’re currently working on artboard “A” on the “Welcome” page of a new document, and you want to move to artboard “B” on the “Symbols” page. Instead of looking through the list of pages and layers to the left, just hit command-E to retrieve a drop-down list of all artboards in the document. From here, you select artboard “B” and voilà, you’re on artboard “B” on the “Symbols” page, just like that!

Sketch Navigator has injected ease, speed, and agility into my workflow that was difficult to achieve before.

Sketch Navigator, by Arshad Chummun

You can browse all plugins available for Sketch 3 at Sketch App Resouces.

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